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On I Fall For You, Renée Lamoureux expresses both the yearning and uncertainty we all experience as we search for our place in life in equal measure. But while the songs on I Fall For You provide listeners with emotional touchstones anyone can relate to, regardless of the challenges they face in pursuit of their own hopes and dreams, I Fall For You is an extremely personal record. “These are songs I wrote from a very honest place – a few of them I was afraid might be too honest actually, because each one tells a story about someone who’s been very important in my life.” Although I Fall For You dwells heavily on Lamoureux’s own search for fulfillment and for someone to share her life with, it’s informed equally by the Winnipeg-based singer/songwriter’s ongoing determination to realize her full potential musically and personally. From the first line of album opener ‘Flying Away,’ through upbeat folk rock offerings like ‘You Were My Home,’ to standout ballads ‘Press Pause’, ‘123’ and ‘Every Day I Fall For You,’ that’s the essential thread that ties I Fall For You together. And nowhere is that more evident than on ‘None of That Stuff’s Essential’ – a song inspired by a terminally ill family member’s insistence that the most important thing in life isn’t meeting the expectations of others, but exceeding your own expectations and living your dreams to the fullest, whatever they may be.